Commission based SEO

If you have a brick and mortar store that sells expensive wide consumed products and want to expand your business online without any costs and with guaranteed results, read below.

Integrated Services

Our aim is to provide a complete pack of services, tailored to your business with the aim to free both yours and our time by implementing automated system as fast as possible. How it works:

Market research

After we receive your business proposition, we start our market research. The aim of this step is to find proof of potential in your business model and it`s scalability online. If we don`t see the opportunity to scale and automate, we won`t get back to you!

Commission based

We don`t work for a fixed fee, but rather a commission resulting from the sales secured. This way, there is no upfront investment from your part, no risks but the overall cost for your company, on the long run, will be considerably higher than if you worked in the traditional way. Also, before contacting us you should know that transparency is key in this business model, so we will request full disclosure from your side!

Customer profiling

The first step in our workflow is to thoroughly understand your business and your customers. In order to do this, we may ask to work in your physical store a few days or even months. This will give us exposure to your clients, their request, their problems and allow us to tailor solutions to them.

Branding, webdesign and copywriting

Only after we understand your business and your audience, we can move on to market positioning, branding guidelines and content structure. This is where we actually initiate your online presence, starting with your website which will be custom built to meet the clients` expectations.

Search engine optimization

Because it`s an ongoing process that yields effects only after some time, SEO is the first step in making your website visible online. We implement both basic, old-school techniques and cutting-edge optimizations that we identify with the help of the SEO community that we are part of.

Social media, blog and influencer marketing

Social media has become part of many clients` daily routine so we will have to claim our place in their feed. We use psychological and sociological techniques meant to capture and hold our audiences` attention as long as possible, many times in an imperative manner that seeks and induces action.

Landing page optimization

Most of our incoming paid traffic will go to custom made landing pages. Often times, these are automated dynamic pages that change according to self-made A/B type tests. When you will see these pages in action, they will feel as living organisms adapting in real-time to their environment. This is our trademark, we plan our systems with inspiration from natural behaviour which we afterwards replicate through machine learning algorithms and automated responses.

Conversion rate optimization

After we have successfully optimized paid page traffic, with the lessons learned, we will start optimising search/organic traffic as well by modelling all the other page templates on the website. This will provide increases in sales performance but, more importantly, it will pave the way tot the next steps.

Funnel planning, implementation and testing

If we have a good enough understanding of how our users interact with our pages, we can take control of their behaviour by building funnels, paths, that the website users are lured to follow and that aim to get a result from them. This is the first step in fully automating your online business.

Data collection, marking and labelling

During the implementation and manual optimization of funnels, we will install monitoring and data-collection services that aim to capture as much data as possible about our visitors and their responses to the changes we make on the website, holistically.

Funnel optimization and automation

Using the data collected before, we can build fully automated data analysis tools and pattern recognition algorithms that can send action request to dynamic pages, thus the whole websites becomes a living organism, automatically reacting to it`s visitors behaviour and adapting to reach our defined objectives.